There are some things money cant buy….

While taking out my cute 7 year old lab for a walk today evening, I was suddenly smitten by some kaloori ka yaad blease ignore thappana grammar ka payanpaduthal…u will find this post to be of common inglipish…As I was sollifying…I was reminded of a wonderbull dish served in the Taj of VIT…the V mess 😀 It was called the kushka…after a lot of searching I realised such a dish existed only in the annals of college canteens…well anyway being home is one of the best things which can happen to anyone who is not from chennai, in chennai(unless ur from darfur…)anyway there are a few things I do like about chennai, aanal ‘thoosi’ and ‘gabbu’ kinda keep me on the draw position as we see in those wild wild west movies or those jayshankar movies(wild wild south?) thats why Coimbatore my home for the past 14 years(well if u count the 4 years where I used to come home to do my laundry :D) is heaven…so after 4 days of home cooked mushroom biriyanis and even better ‘kaata pulusu’ with ‘urulagadda fry’ I am back to eating idiyappams for breakfast, parota for lunch and roti for dinner. Like they say…somethings money cant buy…in my case for everything else there is….sodexho?

P.S. I still havent found a place in chennai which serves kushka…if u find any gimme a post


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