chinnathirai…mega serial

In one corner of India 3 Indians who left their plum jobs in the USA to start their own company. Their reason? They wanted to help the country. They wanted India to move from a consumer country to a producer country(other than children i.e.) Such noble thought, such noble efforts, such…..such a useless pursuit….lets face it…think of all the kidneys and kannadi mamas and basically uncool characters you have seen from school and college…how many of them have succeeded….anyway my post is not about that…Ekta Kapoor once said she makes afternoon serials women centric because they are the ones who watch it!….fair enough but I cant believe why any woman would prefer watching trash to something that makes sense. I mean given a choice would women watch all the K soaps instead of something else. The question which beats me is what that something else actually is???? Is there anything as universal in the world of oestrogen which makes them tick as much as a K serial? If so why isnt anyone making it!!!!!…I mean seriously it cant get worse than this can it?


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