The villain I root for…..

Well…this is more like a wailing post…so if u are nt in the mood to read any ‘opparis’ I suggest u leave this blog now

This is for Raghuvaran

There have been a lot of really amazing people who have played a myriad of roles. But in my eyes, Raghuvaran stands apart. There is a strange vulnerability about him. Something which cannot be explained but needs to be seen to be believed. If there was any villain I rooted for just because of sheer admiration it was a role played by him. Hell I rooted for him even when I knew he was on the losing side. Somehow he made your feelings sway and get you to his way of thinking…if he wanted that is. He even made me realise why a person was the way his character was in the movie. He took the pain to make the audience realise and empathise with him. He was not the typical Hero. In fact I think that was his best compliment. He was Never a Hero. He was a human we could all imagine and realise such a man could exist in our society. He was the Harsha Boghle of South Indian Cinema. Rather Harsha was the Raghuvaran of the commentary box. Without him somehow the aura and glow of the chappells and Boycotts shines just a little bit dimmer. Similarly without Raghuvaran the hero looks a little less heroic! In everyone’s eyes Baasha was Rajinikanths best film. But its unthinkable to Imagine Baasha without Anthony or Mudhalvan without the white haired CM. In fact having watched the movie in both Hindi and Tamil I still feel Raghuvaran’s CM was more villainous. He didnt need to flash his eyes or scream to achieve the chilling monstrosity which he needed to depict. His words were soft to the extent of being eerie. However the beauty lay that the same softness to convey tenderness and affection so equally well. Whether he played the calculative and stingy elder son in Visu’s samsaram adu minsaram or the doting father who had to keep the family together at the time of imminent death in Anjali, Raghuvaran became those people. I donot know whether he was a good man, or a good father, frankly its none of my business. But I do know one thing, I will miss him. I will miss him so badly that tears are running down my cheeks as I am typing these words. I bet anyone who has seen his movies will miss him too. Why? I dont know, maybe he was just too good at what he did. Maybe it was because with his death, I see deaths of some of my favourite characters. With his death I see the death of Anthony, CM, eldest son, Anjali’s dad,….. I apologise for not being able to give any space to telugu or malayalam movies he has done. I havent seen them. But if they are anything as good as what he has done in Tamil, few will disagree with me. I however would love to hear from my readers, about your feelings on the death of this great actor. I would like to stress, this post is very emotional to me, so any kinda crap comments(meaning unreasonably harsh or derogatory or unconnected to this post) will not be tolerated. I hope you will respect my feelings on this front.


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4 responses to “The villain I root for…..

  • Dilip Muralidaran

    Raghuvaran was an awesome actor, i’ve seen a tv serial of this (dont remember name) where in he is a rehabilitated drunkard and is taken back to his habit because of an abusive wife and daughter.

    Wonderful actor, wonderful screen presence. He will be missed for sure.

    couldn’t agree more. And the mini series you are talking about is ‘Oru Manithanin Kadai’

  • Arundhati

    I agree with you when you say he made heroes looked better, but dont you think his characters, mannerisms were highly predictable? May be the producers are responsible for sterotyping him..nevertheless..Cinema industry and fans like u will miss him.

    Yeah true….but his roles were different just the manner in which he emoted was becoming a tad stereotyped. But hey he was like that in tamil. But I dont know whether he was like that in other languages as well.. Was he?

  • Niv

    I love Raghuvaran. It’s sad that a vice took him away. And you’re right : here is a man who doesn’t need to verbalize a certain script to create the eeriness. I liked him a lot in Mudhalvan . He always manages to convey the exact sentiment that is needed. May it be a father in Anjali , or a company exec in Kandukondain Kondukondain or the jailbird-turned-doting father who yearns for his daughter’s love in Amarkkalam,..

  • gp

    I got to this site only because I thought about him and searched for his name, 5 years after his death. I do have 3 vivid memories of seeing him in person, and in one instance actually wished him well. The other 2 times… i saw him sloshed, so couldn’t get his autograph even if I had wanted. Interestingly, the one time I spoke to him was at a pub in Bangalore. I generally commented that “you don’t drink as much as you do in your movies”…(with a smile)..and what he said resonates to this day. He said “it doesn’t work out well in real life man!”. Back then the only movie of his I saw was “Anjali” and a certain tamil movie in bits and pieces, i don’t remember, and he plays the bad guy who is always drinking. As somebody, who has seen people going thru substance abuse, it was a no-brainer… one look at’d know it. None of what I’m saying is meant to hurt anybody’s sentiments. You should know that he is one of very few actors i really admire.
    He had incredible style, in person and in art. Few directors had the creative vision to use his real potential. So… I do try and look for his movies where he played memorable roles. “Shiva”, that movie’s success should really be attributed to Raghuvaran’s presence. There’s a certain malayalam movie where he play’s the role of a Father with Anglo roots, and I had to watch it with subtitles. Excellent portrayal.
    Good people die young. RIP Raghuvaran.

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