breach of trust

I have long wondered what this term meant…did it mean you cheated a person…double crossed maybe? or even bitched about them behind their back…but the worst breach of trust happens when you need to ‘confirm’ the other person’s story…or tell him that I cant possibly say because I was not there? Logically that sounds amazingly simple…but it just kills the trust…imagine this…a little kid tells his mom he is telling the truth…but the mom goes and asks the neighbour every single time to ‘confirm’ what this boy is saying…how will this kid ever trust his mom again?

Well this type of breach of trust happens only in the most sacred and close relationships (best frnd..parents..partner)…but this is the reason why its the most dangerous!!…would you guys rather trust and be let down/lied to…or would you rather verify and keep it on the sly which may destroy the relationship if it was ever found out…personally I would rather trust and be cheated…it might hurt alot when it happens…but chances of it happening arent worth it…


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One response to “breach of trust

  • Phoenix

    I would say , a breach of trust would be anything that i find out on my own that has made me feel as if i cant confide in the person anymore. It doesn’t have to be cheating , it can be as common as relationship issue that i tell a girlfriend only to find out a whole bunch of others found out…

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