Anusha: Why didnt you tell me before you were gonna give me a surprise b’day party?? I would have stayed home!!

ok…I know its a long title..but this post wouldnt have made sense without that as the title and nothing else…

I always was under the impression that surprise b’day parties were supposed to be…well a surprise!!!..come to think of it..maybe many of ur friends had also uttered such awesome party funny moments…well my friend is pretty special…she is probably one of very few ppl who shout, get bugged, curse me but still I dont feel any anger…infact its almost like my sister is shouting at me…you either brush it aside…or have a nice fight which u forget in like 10 seconds :D…anyway this babe had her b’day on 28th…man was it hilarious or what… I was the one who came up with the idea of giving her a party…but it was Dilip who came up with literally everything!!!!…

Well lemme start from the beginning…me, dilip and Anusha are all part of this group called YFE Chennai(Youth for Equality)…we were/are still mindless romantics trying to do our bit to change our country and try to prevent unreasonable exploitation and reverse discrimination…more than all this the fact which drew all of us together was the overwhelming fact that our country has been and is being taken for a ride by politicians by using false data, illogical words but alot of ‘we belong to your caste’ jingoism to meet their own stinking ends…anyway…YFE bought us together..and friendship kept us together..even now I sometimes wonder with amazement how so many of us with such different backgrounds end up being so friendly an helpful…its kinda surreal…anyways flashback over…back to the story now 😀

So due to majorly nt having any mode of transport except my own two feet for which Im really thankful…esp in chennai I called up vivek and dilip whether they were interested in giving a surprise b’day party to…tan ta dan… Anusha. Well we both almost ‘hit’ it off in our first meeting itself…literally…but thats a story for another day..when I have nothing to write :P…well…lemme put it this way…she is one of the coolest and awesomely independent women I have ever met…and well she aint gonna take shit from anyone…and is refreshingly honest and straightforward(which I absolutely admire)…and probably one of the few ppl who is brutally honest and expects brutal honesty…seri vishayathukku varen…sorry I kinda do this alot…disgressing I mean…

So basically I asked vivek to get the cake but he couldnt spare time cus his kid bro had come to town and he was showing him the sights(literally :D)…so dilip(really sweetly) went till egmore to buy a really yummmy black forest cake with some party crackers(or whatever they are called..dil correct me pls)…then we arrived at Anusha’s place…and would you believe it…her house was locked…Then I started getting those murderous looks from vivek and dilip(esp dilip since he had travelled like a zillion miles for this)…But in my defence I called up Anusha at 12:20 to ask her if she was at home…she said she was…and we had german class at I assumed she was having lunch at home…I called up Anusha…and thankfully their family(an awesomely honest and hilarious mom…a really cool care a damn sis) was having soru at some kerlala place nearby…so off we went…with the parcel in hand…and lo behold…we managed to surprise Anusha 😀 😀 :D…and when we narrated the incident of how we came home etc…she uttered those golden words

Why didnt you tell me before you were gonna give me a surprise b’day party?? I would have stayed home!!

Well…she cut her cake…embarassed her in a restaurant by singing her a birthday song…spoilt her chicken lunch(which she had in the evening btw) by giving her cake…I was dead hungry and so I had an extra large portion…vivek had his usual size to size proportional portion…dilip was afraid to spoil his camera so skipped the cake(ironic considering he was the one who put in so much effort to buy the cake in the first place)…and me and Anusha got dropped(anusha went home for a bit to pickup her books) at ‘in a word’ to attend another regular german class…and ya…thats abt it…awesome day it was too…


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