the end of the line

You know there is a lakshman-rekha…or as they say elsewhere in the world…a pt of no return…no one has ever been able to fixate where that point lies…how to identify if u are nearing the pt…and u only know u have crossed the pt of no return when u actually cross the pt of no return…


No amt of speculation…no amt of wishy washing can take the brutal reality of the fact that things can never be the same again…no amt of mollycoddling and pleading will change it…no amt of praying and braying will heal it…basically you cant do shit after that…


When you reach that point…you have two options…to accept it and move on…or dwell on it and die…and the choice is not as logical as it seems…some ppl are more inclined to and attracted by self destruction while others find this an opportunity for self appraisal and correction…you cannot fault either for the choice he makes because well…thats why its called a choice right?


Its not enough that you change…the people you want forgiveness from need to change as well

That quote was from a movie called The Last Dance…I found it quite surreal actually…
Time is ticking away…I have a date with fate…lets see when morning decides to show up…

Almost Forgot…Happy B’day Gandhi dude…hope ur rest has been peaceful…and hope you dont find reasons to get up for a while…well even if u do u cant so chill man


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One response to “the end of the line

  • Phoenix

    You know that is just so true. sometimes i wander will the person who promised me for changes is changing for good. even if the i have all the supporting evidence that things are looking good , sometimes i just refuse to believe and get cynical about it. I need to change too .. but it isn’t easy.

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