khabi kudh par hasaya…(k)abhi khud par roya

wierd things happen when you are laughing…you never notice the ppl who are crying right next to you…and when you cry you expect ppl arnd u not to be happy…fat chance dipshit…

I aint here to give life’s lessons…but things I see arnd me and things I do(am sure Im doing many things wrong) kinda make me sick…like a comment mentioned in my senseless violence post…we Indians are used to ppl dying arnd us…and sometimes even joke abt it in a sarcastic never realise the gravity of it till it happens to you…

Right now…I have nothing to do…nothing to write abt…nothing to look forward to…nothing to be proud about…hmmm…is that to be laughed at because I have a tension free life or is it to be cried for because I have done nothing meaningful??? Meaningful…funny…I never thought things I did anytime…but apparently they made sense to someone who was listening…how often have we done things which seemed trivial and unimportant to us but we did it because it was the right thing…usually they turn out to be the sanest and the best decision we could have made at that time…but hey if we start doing stuff because we know its gonna do some good…there is nothing wrong in that either…

coming back to the topic…well…will continue this later…time to catch my bus


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