Yaaaaawwwwnnnnn….WP what year is it?

Wow…just got my answer from the windows calendar facility in my sis’s windows machine..with a nice widescreen acer 19 inch monitor(loooks aweesssooommmeee)…its been three months since my last blog post…feels like a real hibernation(well funnily even the timing kinda matches with the deplorable chinna summer called winter in chennai). Anyways..I have so many things I wanna tell you..but if I did all that this would be the ‘highlights of  last three months’ instead of oruaviyindiary :D…so let me start of by talking abt my New Year.

Considering that December had both Christmas and new year it was a great time for me to just chill and not bother abt anything in life…well I wish atleast…had to learn a language…and create an app with loads of complicated two three line Mathematical formulae plus had to do this by new year(needless to say I didnt…but I did make considerable progress though…if that matters)…but then christmas came and went before I could blink…

Thats when I was doubly sure that new year Im going to have fun even if I end up breaking a leg!…and lo behold just when I thought the least I could do is go to the beach and start shouting like a jobless hag when the clock strikes twelve my saviour arrived in the form of dilip..so happily being invited to a private party I wore a stupid pink shirt and dragged my unshaven self to the Green Park hotel…

Thankfully that place had a saloon and I shaved before ppl started suspecting whether a beggar had sneaked in somehow…but my fashion disaster of a shirt could not be taken off for a more acceptable attire…worst still it was a glitter themed party..thankfully the lights were out soon and ppl were partying hard enough not to notice(atleast thats what I hope happened)…so I danced away with all the rigour of a person desperate to have fun after a long time…

Like I said…I was going to have fun even if I broke my leg…well…I wish I hadnt thought like that cus I damn nearly broke it!…the dance floor was pretty old because of which the boards were not on an even keel(thats the reason the guy who sets the board gave me). Funnily I saw this earlier in the evening and actually asked him and expressed my fear that some0ne might twist their ankle to my friend and other organizers…Little did I suspect that poor soul would end up being moi!!!

Anyway, I was dancing away with all my vigour when lo behold I twisted my ankle at around 11:40 PM!!! just 20 mins to midnight and I cant even celebrate!!! No way I said to myself…so after a short rest and some excellent first aid massaging from my friend with the usual ice packs I was determined to ignore pain…damn Im not going to let my new year start off with me watching from the sidelines moaning away at my misfortune…hell that aint never gonna happen…so much to the chargin of my friends and the delight of the fellow party goers I was back on the floor(keeping away from the joins of course)..and danced my way to midnight at 2k9…for a long time one of my friends had this status message…2008 sucks big time..2009 come soon!…it would’ve been okay from even oct…but this dude had the same status message on gtalk since feb 2k8!!!…well dude…if ur reading this I hope u aint looking forward to 2k10 now!! :P…anyway..I had a rough 2k8 2k9 has started suprisingly in a promising manner….lets see where it goes…as for me…like Bilbo biggins said…’I think Im ready for another adventure’…


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