Thoughts on a footboard

Its a poem so bear with me….

Sitting alone in the light, darkness burns me from inside,

Waiting for light to shine in, free me from any of my sins,

Bright as day the sun glows, shining upon twinkly toes,

twitter of birds and smell of trees, flies the kite into the breeze,

in a moment they all pass, momentary madness I see at last

of how the world makes us see, only ne’er to set us free,

shows us joy, love and tears , finally all is left are fears,

day was gone evening came, beauty of twilight making me insane,

stiff breeze with yapping all around, sound of nature so profound

hard to believe we are here, thinking these thoughts without fear,

of what might come or what might not,  just memories of the day gone past

leaving us with moments to see, hear and think whatever we please,

as the twilight passed swiftly by, leaving memories of memories gone by

I hear myself thinking of thoughts, snap come out of it! or you are lost.

Knight came with its own agenda, of making me aware of every blunder,

but like the flickers of the lamps, I see a streetlight, bulb or an oil lamp;

unaware of sitting in the light, ended up searching for a sign

all around there was glow, but all I cared was for one to show

the way forward of my life, forked are the highways of strife.

sitting alone with these thoughts, on the footboard of the proverbial sort

I saw the station coming in. There it was as much light out as in.


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