temporary insanity…perennial bliss

Walking alone in the breeze, on the beach but where is she?

the one who made me sit at night,

for hours together aah blissful sight:

what is bliss but her mere

presence causes absence of fear!

of the world no one was dear

the path to life was really clear

early morn or deep in the night

not one tear or cause of fright

bling! oh there, she is in dreams;

in sweet meadows and flowing streams,

dust and heat with powercut nights

caused me to be in pitiful plight

walking alone, smiling wide and bright

even with honking and sights causing much blight

crazy am I to be in such bliss

temporary insanity I so nearly missed

what is it but a refuge for the sane

whose decisions for the world may seem insane

for the warm hand which took me out of my quicksand 🙂


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