being deaf in a silent world…but hear everything unsaid

Sometimes I wonder…whether all of us are just being deaf in this world…the deafness is not in the ability to hear but in our abilities to listen and understand the other person. For a long time and probably I still am like that still, I was unable to understand other people. The same way other people never seemed to understand me. I somehow think its my fault. But is it my fault I cannot even figure out where my fault lies? For years I have accepted everything that happened wrong in my life as my fault. It was probably more convinent for the self pitying and the moany side of my personality. I have had to hide it from the rest of the world my extra zealous joker like tendencies to express my innermost fears and feelings like a practical joke I played on myself or others. I am getting sick and tired of it now. I refuse to believe that I can be so bad that everything that has gone wrong can be only my fault. But I am unable to segregate and differentiate/pin point the exact parts which are my fault and which arent. Funnily I end up thinking thats my fault too.


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