silent rain….

walking to the window I heard not a sound

just then suddenly a few drops splashed around

the clouds opened up in a matter of fact way

water poured down like a continuous blaze

I was feeling happy with a hot cup of tea,

glad that I wasnt out there in the sleaze

the roads were gone, pot holes were filled

for a moment I thought I was in Brazil!

all the while sipping the tea, saw two men from atop my tree

looking so small like buzzing bees,

covering their head with just polythene.

the rain pouring down wiping their tears,

walking on the grime, hope their destination is near

here I was nice and warm, using my laptop whenever I want.\

Sad for them but happy it rained, atleast it might take away the stain

what if they slip? what if they fall? will someone pick them up at all?

we are all alone in this big bad world, some without families

some without friends, some without anyone awaiting their end.

then the silence broke like a glass, the thunder had decided to act fast

shaken from my sorrow, I headed back,

the silent rain continued, without any slack


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