Two weeks crossed after your’s truly passed

a mystery thats the visa of life

moving ahead trying to keep my head

about things beyond the glorious past.

Looking back forward, strange bedfellows; in a sense

revelling in my past conquests.

Tears flowing the winds are blowing

taking me farther ahead.

Unlike the past of forefathers, cast

in the ships sailing; leaving bated breaths.

A car to the port where air planes flow

taking people to lands listed.

Lost and found, some memories abound

of childhood friends. Leaving home with lots to atone,

guilt has become my daily bread. Proceed I must,

Irrespective of lust of adventures in my head.

Therefore I leave, for dollars and greed,

to a land I vowed to never step. Alas behold

my shame unfold, naked till my evening’s deed.

I hope this is no goodbye indeed.


About dairyman

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One response to “Time-Travel

  • slpmartin

    I really liked your line “guilt has become my daily bread”…I would imagine that if one traveled in time…it might become part of the diet….thanks for sharing your poem.
    Thank you very much for reading my poem :-). I usually share my thoughts via my poems. My blog is updated sporadically but is littered with words spilled on canvas in the form of supposed poetry. do let me know your thoughts 🙂

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