chai @midnight

Bear with me, this is more rappish(lose yourself)

Look. If you had, one shot, one opportunity,

to make a hot cuppa chaiya-one moment (phone call ring)

to make it but fuck you let it slip!

His palms are clefty,  knees this week!! arms are flabby,

There is ash on his kurta already, roadside food is ready

He’s nervous, but on the surface he’s bullshitting already to keep calm,

but he keeps forgetting what he dropped down,

the whole room grew so loud,

he opens his mouth, but the smoke wont come out

He’s coughing now, everybody’s poking now

The clock’s thrown out, time’s up over, bloah!

Snap back to reality, oh there comes gravity,

Oh, there goes flabbit, he joked!!

He’s so mad, but he wont give up that easy no!

kilpauk is a pigsty that he wont go,

tied to floors like everybody in his room before,

will he know that fate opens his fucking back door

and drags him back to the dream where his arse came clean before

to cops and mobsters even grandma lin, thats what he calls her

though she aint no chin but fuck he just needs to get outta this din!!

so he drops now the last gag outta his mouth

hoping and praying he wont be found out but shit thats when the whole

world will figure out that he’s got no figure to keep his sanity about.

Now he goes back to the music store, where he bought the first thiruttu video

of his backstreet boys that blacked out long ago,

in his straightjacket thats all he has you know the freaking stereo.

But now that he can get back to the life he had thought he had,

for the chai he missed that brought this all about

his smoke rings will probably make him figure out

life’s all about the fucking piss he talks about!


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