wallow in the wisp?

early morning before my time,

wake up to goundamani’s rhyme,

start meezik plays in my ears; suddenly I remember

Its already past my scheduled wake

all I can now do is make haste


walking around fiddling my thumbs

waiting for transport or more like some rum

neatly dressed like I’ve never been; I walk

into the mist searching the unseen.


Arrive at the place an hour before asked

twiddling thumbs and beating heart

my name called out I enter the den

shocked to find paper and pen!


I haven’t written in 4 years I protest!

nothing is easy in this life: I detest

looking through numbers and figures

wishing it was megan fox’s rears


Asked to ‘solve’ some problems I was

shocking that I cant really figure myself out

said some gyan worked some style

all the while shaking inside


finally asked to take my leave

what happened? I know not, fate not sealed?

all day looking at the phone my God

I hope I don’t wallow, but didnt I just start?


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A cat in a man's body who loves dogs. View all posts by dairyman

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