Life as we didn’t know it

A feathery touch with a small hand,

arousing the twisted erotic minds

cant they not understand?

or are they just too blind!?

sweat pouring from the sweet innocent face

pulsating with horror & shame

sweet child tis not your fault

but what use is our grace.

distraught I saw pictures so raw

curdling the very spirit of  life within

what use is all this pshaws, go child may you get some wings

fly away from the picture where I see

into the skies your hollow eyes reveal

fly by my window sometimes, fly into the worlds unreal

linger here is a death knell sound, surely

you know it by now. fly away from that body

that now is the scent for the bears that kneel.

love & life have left thy hands, or so you must feel

fear not my child there is hope even now

just wait till all this heals; what lies!

I can’t bear to write this song of hope

for the child which is being tied with a rope

to be brutalized by these men with no hope

of freedom, can she ever feel without a grope?

senseless numbness gathers all around

when I see the sounds that can drive a devil to ground

is there no realm that man will not touch

is there no part a man will not go

near the devil’s lair is the home of such men

what use is this, when all I can give is hope


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