ebbs & flows

boats rocking steadily, men inside alive

their catch flying by from side to side

naturally are they balanced & poised

like a kettle of tea on the stove.


fishes glide and the seaweed sways

all in one movement of harmony.

a dangling worm tantalizingly plays

with the surface of water to lure a scrum.


a school of fish spot their prey

instinctively scrambling about

beethoven in the head of the fishermen plays

symphony is what life had become.


sudden darkness comes to pass

rocking the boat and its passengers

fish and man move around

gills or legs mattering not.


the school of fish watch in awe

scenes of panic and fury above

neither a shark nor a whale around

what was all this about?


raghu the oarsman, mathew the captain,

ravi the cook all come ashore

with a catch to fill a thousand mouths

but their breath had been left below.


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