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a bangle, a smile, life so simple? its a lie!

Looking around to a world that changed,

reliving was I in a whirlpool of pain,

dragged out of it like a walk in a park,

heaven knows what might have happened had it not,

living along with a soul so dead,

a stone, a rod or even a zombie instead;

would have done justice than I have,

Ridicullous a spell was cast in bed.

smitten by a smile so pure and divine,

melted my soul to a honey bed,

one single bear with that same simple smile,

came over and sucked it dead.

Await I lay for months on tart,

living in rags and pieces of grass,

fire in my lungs and a burnt liver apart,

shredded my heart, was it just the start?

forgiveness was begged for a fault I knew not,

second chance in life I prayed with what’s left of my heart.

little did I know with 3 seconds remaining,

till death do apart is still a while away.

courage or cowardice still I know not,

made me walk away and swear it no return,

thankful I am, was it 8 months, alas!

my folly would be cringed due to a change of heart.

why I suffered so much I ask,

part of life’s training for the journey beyond,

as of now I have come out of the dark,

led by a hand I never want to leave without.

The hand that rocks the cradle, it maybe not.

The hand that saved the grave, it certainly was,

not many may agree what I did was true,

but its a first experience for me too.

what I learnt from this in a pie,

a bangle, a smile, life so simple? its a lie!