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Today is the Tomorrow I dreaded Yesterday

This particular phrase is stuck in my head the entire morning…ok before u guys start wondering WTF this guy is talking abt, lemme give u some background.

Im a guy who likes to plan..analyse stuff..atleast have an idea what Im gonna do and where my life is going etc etc..I used to be a happy go lucky guy who lived in the moment..then something happened..I changed..to this person who analyses why things happened…whether things can be changed..whether things can be corrected..

Friends have been telling me to stop analysing and live…things I used to tell my friends not so long ago!!!…so what happened to me? Im yet to figure out…maybe I got used to having some idea of my future which made me feel safe…now that I cant see anything instead of feeling free..Im feeling insecure..miserable..scared..and all else.. Im slowly trying to get myself to my old happy go lucky self..

Now I come to the title of the passage(funny its coming so late..but thats the order in which it came to my head so Im writing in that order :P) I see this programme called ITAS(In the Actor’s Studio) on Sony Pix..If u haven’t seen that programme yet well…watch it!!!…esp for movie lovers…It features top notch actors describing their experiences and how they got to where they are…also there is another show on zee-cafe monday nights at 9:30 called pain before the fame which describes the trials and tribulations famous stars had to go through before they became famous…but thats diverging…

Today in ITAS the person invited was one of my all time favourite actors Sir Anthony Hopkins(hannibal if u cant place him) He described how he got through some really bad 15 years of his early life..where he was haunted by a bad performance and he used to dread the next day arriving..and so on for a very long time..he came out of it by realising and accepting that the current day which he is spending dreading tomorrow is exactly the day he spent dreading abt yesterday..and nothing he dreaded happened but still he dreaded abt tomorrow..which is exactly what I’ve been doing lately..Im trying to get out of it..but as they say..easier said than done..will I do it? Time will tell