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Green with Envy



Hi folks. One more World Environment day has come and gone. As it has been arriving since the moment scientists realized we were sitting on a timebomb. But this time it’s different. Over the last 2-3 years we have been seeing increasing urgency and doomsdayisque type of reporting in most of the Indian news channels. Call this late realization (considering BBC and other International News Agencies have been crying hoarse for more than a decade) or a very real fear that the consequences of human inaction maybe be upon us instead of our next generation! This reminds me of a really funny Simpsons episode where Bart tells Homer “You had it easy, You just had to deal with war….Now we gotta SAVE THE WORLD TOO!!”. We recently saw various campaigns to create awareness about the impending ecological disaster like the ‘lights out’ campaign etc. However the IT Industry as such in India has just woken up to the potential of Green Computing. In the sense there seems to be a general realization that environmental friendly strategy will benefit the company by reducing internal costs as well as provide new business avenues. When the Energy Star ratings were started by the US EPA(ironic considering they were the foremost government opposed to any sort of emission control agreement) things started to fall into shape. We now had a regulatory body which tried to atleast define what is environmentally friendly. Due to this historic event environmental evangelists and enthusiasts had a way to convince industry while political mileage was generated in International politics by various nations vying to atleast show themselves to be committed to saving the world(which worked fine BTW till they s****** it up).


          Here is what I feel as citizens we can do atleast today and hopefully from now on to make our carbon footprint a little smaller.

1.     Take a bus. You don’t die or kill because of road rage and can get a nice nap when stuck in traffic!

2.     Take elevators when you need to climb atleast 4 floors. Seriously when the gym trainer tells you to do steps for those perfect thighs why don’t you do the same in office? That way you can save gym money too!

3.     Don’t use tissues. Believe me the reasoning that the trees have been cut anyway is not a good reason, carry a handkerchief. instead

4.     Switch off lights when you don’t need them.


I do not know how many of you use or have at least heard of blackle (www.blackle.com), I have just discovered it and I plan to use it henceforth. What is it? It is just a black Google. It is supported but not owned by Google and has all its features like cached searches, etc. But the thing is it saves power. How much? Well here is the calc


On a DELL2407Fbp – 24″ LCD Monitor-

Max Black Google:

63.8-64 Watts

Max Regular Google:

65.3-65.4 Watts


Click for the full post( http://ecoiron.blogspot.com/2007/01/shades-of-grey-on-black-google.html) (This is for places which run on 110V, couldn’t get info for 220V)


Not a huge difference, but if we multiply it with number of people who use google(over 200 million) the numbers are quite staggering. In fact another interview, the blackle founders say blackle might save 1500MW(http://ecoiron.blogspot.com/2007/07/facts-and-fallacies-on-black-google.html)  per year. If you consider the fact that only 20% of the population still use CRT monitors, we still have a lot of power saved by LCD users as well.


Another cool thing for you guys to know is CRT monitors actually use power based on colour. Darker colours use lesser energy to display than lighter ones. Here are a few

white – 74W

Lime – 63W

Blue – 65W

Navy – 60W (now you know the difference between blue and navy blue 😉 )

Black – 59W

And for people who say LCD monitors do not save power based on colour, you are only partially correct as brightness of the monitor plays a role in power consumption as well. If you reduce the brightness of your screens while running a page primarily using black, you use just half the power as you would use while running the same page in white with full brightness!!!

In my research I did an interesting experiment on desktops. We got a pattern of power usage and related it with CPU Utilization and Monitor Brightness. We have physically confirmed that a Dell LCD  monitor @ 100% brightness uses 30Watt more than when it is @ 0% brightness. The monitors in my module are at 75% brightness by default. By changing it to 30% my eyes are a lot more relaxed and I am not feeling the strain of looking into my monitors either. To top it all I am saving around 15Watt per second!


If all this is not good enough to switch to a darker shade, here is the most interesting thing of all! Remember the TV ads of few years back which showed CRT against LCD as people wearing coolers to watch CRT TVs…well think of the same concept as the difference between watching black screens and white ones. I mean not working isn’t the only reason you feel relaxed when you switch off a monitor 😉 Simply put…you are never blinded by black light!!


If we could do this for screensavers it would be of greater effect. Well switching off your monitors work best but hey everything helps!! So don’t sit doing nothing thinking you don’t make a difference. Lets make India a Green country and our neighbours Green too, but with envy 😉


I end with my favourite quote which always leaves me with the ‘Ah so true’ effect.


Manners maketh the man…but deeds define him.