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clearly and emphatically confused…but it rocks!

ok…so movies are not supposed to impress you in such a way you screw up your life

I mean who has actually been so ‘inspired’ by RDB to pottu thallify Arjun Singh(I wish)… anyway having successfully avoided being ‘inspired’ by movies to take stupid decisions for a long time..I guess my time was up…rock on might nt be a typical rock movie..but when a guy is so emotionally unstable like me at the moment and is totally confused where life is taking him…plus not happy with what he is and what he is doing currently…such movies can cause pure havoc!!!…and it has…

wonder if RDB had come right now whether I wud’ve looked for a katta and put a nice piece of lead in some old ‘putta case’ buzzard who is making life miserable for all arnd him by just not dying(*hint hint*)…

seriously…whoever bothers reading my ramblings I just have one doubt…have any of you given up the ‘safe’ options and gone on to do something which u really wanted to do but not sure of success but did it just to see if u cud???? I am planning such a drastic course of action…it might sound crazy but here goes…I’ve always wanted to do plays right?? now that Im kinda not having any responsibilities…its the best time to screw up your life so that u have enough time to rescue it :D….so hopefully….if I have things going somewhat the way I want it to…I might start taking the path to realising my dreams….lights, camera ACTION!!