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Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Its really ironic how people you’ve met the least sometimes end up making you more emotional than people who’ve been with you all your life. Must be some existential shit. I digress.


The chef who told me through words & a catch phrase that I should never trust one who’s skinny is no more. I met him a grand total of 2 times. First time was when I gave a treat along with my boss at that time for becoming a confirmed employee. That was the first time I had heard of this place called ‘Sparky’s Diner’. Apparently it served American food in Chennai & a white dude was its proprietor. A white dude who made Chennai his home with his family???? This I had to see. At a time where most Indians were leaving for the US either to study or work or become taxi drivers, what was a guy from gosh I actually don’t know where he’s from. But he was from the US. And he owned the restaurant which served the yummiest food I’ve ever had.


A bit about my inclinations are needed before you continue reading this post. I love food. Actually I really love food. If you held a hot chick and a plate of gobi manchurian, chances are I’d take the hot chick but the gobi comes a close second. That’s how much I love food. 


The second time I went to Sparky’s, I went with my then girlfriend who’s now my wife. She loved the food there and we met the Chef for a few minutes where he egged her like a kind grandpa to finish what’s on her plate. We took a photo together & we left. But I bought a T-Shirt for myself from there. I wore it on every possible occassion. I spread the word of sparky’s everywhere I went. I became excited if I met someone from where I am right now who had been to Sparky’s or had heard of it. And I yearned to go back there for some yummy food. But more than anything I marvelled at the man who made a restaurant, scratch that a ‘diner’ feel like home. And for that, Sparky’s will be the place I will go to. I don’t know if it will be the same now that Thom(yes that was his name. And even I discovered it only today) is gone. But I’m sure I’ll take solace from the fact that most of the stuff at sparky’s from the baseball bat to a the poster of Babe Ruth to the old navy diver’s headgear turned into a lantern will have the stamp and signature of the man who through food gave me an orgasm of the purest sense. Maybe this is why they serve good food in every memorial. I hope his comes with a blue berry cheesecake because that defined the man. Colorful, sweet, fat & specialImage. RIP Thom.


A Fan and a Foodie.