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purdah re purdah

The TOI Chennai Rock show was something I got to know because of my roomie(a really hardcore rock fan)…and I really wanted to see how a rockshow in chennai looked like :P…so I volunteered to go there…I knew a cpl of songs here and there by Iron Maiden or Def Leppard , Pink Floyd…but I wouldnt know what was the make of the electric guitar used by the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd(hell I dont even know Santana’s!)…so with the awesome thought of finally getting educated in what rock music fans know by heart I visited the rock show along wid a cpl of my frnds…my roomie suddenly had a bout of sickness and didnt make it…another interesting story within this story is the lack of direction I possess…if u tell me to go straight-left and take a right near the signal..I would in all probability take a left go straight take a right and look for a signal(actually happened!!)…this atleast could be discounted since I have been in chennai for less than a year(most of the time shuttling between thiruvanmayur and thoraipakkam :P)…but there is absolutely no excuse for my chaperone who I trusted with taking me safely to the venue…first of all the only wesely I knew was one of the British Viceroys…and God knows where he had a maidan named after him!!!…but my chaperone who has lived in chennai for 20 years(give or take a year or two) had no idea which area this place was…so we did this the amazing race type thingy where we stopped to disturb ppl fighting with their wives…bickering over the price of commodities…patiently having tea…well we spoilt the peace of quite a few ppl…anyways we reached the venue at around 8 PM(show started at 7 😦 )….when we went in…the crowd really amazed me…we had the typical french bearded long haired ‘hard rock fans’ but it was the rest of the crowd…I saw a grey haired mustached man who would have passed off as my school principal except he was screaming ‘explicitives’ when a jimmy hendrix song was played…then later on things became progressively easy to digest…like the time he head banged when Iron Maiden was being played…and when I saw a northeastern girl bashup a guy for trying to get fresh with her I tht…wow female empowerment has finally arrived…but the MOST progressive and heartening thing I saw a lady in a hijab(I think its the long black dress) along with her husband(I think)…complete with a beard…hold ur breath ‘humming along’ and ‘air guitaring’ not to mention the usual screaming jumping swearing…but it was seriously heartening to see them…or am I being prejudiced here…maybe it was their attire…I mean imagine an iyer/iyengar mama complete with ‘panjagajam’ and ‘angavasthram’ accompanied by a maami wearing ‘madisar’ singing lose yourself…man it was a trippy night…but was it memorable or what….