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Dementor’s kiss

Living alone in a crowd,

Walking forward with eyes closed

Falling down guttered

The direction fresh wind never blows


Paying for mistakes, though not meant,

dementors ne’er care nonetheless,

one last chance for retribution,

one last chance to be saved.


Came to the court, begged for pardon,

Selfishly begged for one life after taking 4,

But the intent was absent,

The judges discussed… pardon denied.


Slowly he trudged, weeping all the way,

Not knowing how to face his maker,

Wished to turn the clock, stop his killing,

Mistake was made, intent or not.


Like shylock extracting his pound of flesh,

Like Caesar beheading his defeated opponents,

The dementor came, sensing the fear.

One look into the eyes, one last plea


He was kissed, the cold last kiss

He felt nothing, nobody knew his feeling

He was gone, gone forever.

The dementor had done its job.


In the Cold

In the cold


Missed the signs, cockey sure,

Now naked in the cold,

Want to get back into the warm bed

From which I was thrown.


Took the warmth for granted long,

Forgot to tend to the fire,

Now its gone, for how long?

Please not forever!


In the cold I finally knew,

How warm it was before,

Should have worked harder for the wood,

Now all I see is snow.


Dark outside, darker inside,

Red does the blood still flow?

Sure its bland, like the colour of land,

Will it ever again glow?