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Caught in the maelstorm

I always have wondered how our actions affect our loved ones. Today’s expose about Sreesanth and gang indulging in spot fixing has highlighted a different angle which I’ve never even thought about. How does one handle humiliation in media glare? How will, for example, Sreesanth’s parents be ever able to face neighbours who used to stream in and congratulate when their son was doing so well? It is not as if he has done something that is just illegal, he has done something that is immoral as well. Parents who have forever thought of their children as hardworking sportsmen will now have a taint upon their lives forever. This being particularly true in a highly media friendly & publicity intensive sport like cricket. Sreesanth’s parents are at another unique situation where their son is all the more publicity craving, unpopular and considered a downright menace. It was hard enough for them to defend their son’s antics on and off the field, now the added burden of their son being a cheat who brought disrepute to the game and not to mention in all probability and reason going to be banned for life from. How do you defend the undefendable? Sure you can always come out and say ‘hey he didn’t kill people’ but, he did destroy the escape hatch for millions. Cricket in India is almost an escape causeway from the dreary dirty world of day to day existence. Unlike movies, which people believe to be larger than life. Cricketers were always demi-gods. Very rarely do you get generational cricketers who’ve grown up with the silver spoon in their mouth. This is unlike the worlds of either Cinema or Politics which are the only ones apart from cricket that can call upon a following of indefatigable fans. Cricket has always been the game where what you do on the field mattered more than what you did off it. That is what Sreesanth destroyed again. I saw harshac boghle’s tweet that said ‘India forgave too easily after 1999-2000’ the truth is, India didn’t. I know most of my relatives who were 18+ in 1999 just gave up on the game. And every interesting match after that year was always tainted with the slogan ‘it was fixed machan’ either over drinks or filter kaapi match fixing had become the soutan of the cricket lover. ever present, uncomfortably and unwanted but who we are stuck with because of a moment of indiscretion. Anyway, I hoped for ‘Say it ain’t so Joe’ but its too late for that now. This moment right now, is my Hansie Cronje moment. I am however glad that the cricketer concerned wasn’t anywhere close to the pedigree or class of Hansie Cronje. That I guess will be the ironic relief that us cricket lovers must learn to live with. At least it wasn’t Sachin. Once again.