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Mindless Madness

Senseless Deaths

If there was anything which makes any sense to you about the above link…pls lemme know..in the meantime feel free to read my views on this

Ok…first of all…all religious fanatics and general VHP, RSS, SIMI,(christian grps), etc etc ppl who believe its ok to kill for religion read my post and leave a comment or you are welcome to fuck off from my blog…your presence here makes my online avatar’s wireless blood agitate all the electrons nearby…now for the action

Recently I have been observing a very interesting trend…first bangalore..hyderabad…bombay…ahemedabad…delhi…delhi…gujarat…XYZ…XYZ(probably hyderabad and bangalore in that order)…the blasts have been in shopping areas…near mosques…basically places where ppl will die…and in all that while the last thing we need is jingoism which unfortunately is the only thing which we seem to have? I mean we have the maximum death toll to any other country than Iraq!!! we are definitely screwing up somewhere big since even ‘dangerous’ countries like pakistan dont feature in that list!!!…Yesterday a friend of mine joked when we were going to have a bomb blast every week…as if it were some weekend picnic decision…but sadly thats the way it is right now…but what can a poor blogger do but crib abt it and hope that he lives to write another post…cheerio