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eternal ramblings of a jobless mind – part 1

here I am…sitting in office…waiting for the three stooges who call themselves my roomates…pretending they are busy working while spending the whole day acting so cool as if they finished all their work(I guess they even fooled themselves into believing that they did) Im bugging their butts off to move their backsides so that we can go home…an uneventful day if u discount the fight I had with a HR lady in my office whether the company was restricting the number of printouts we can take in view of the Green policy of the company or are the ppl who make the rules being plain stingy(my misigivings have been strengthened by the fact tht the ppl who work here to make money cant take prinouts but the ‘babus’ and ‘babuies’ can take as many pages as they wish(maybe I will ask them to take a printout of the company policies on used toilet paper)…anyway…where was I…oh yeah…these useless roomies of mine have decided that they dont like staying at home and therefore have forced me to stay with them in an non ac-fied(maybe another ‘green measure’???) brightly lit room…the 8:30 bus came and went…grrr…now am hungry and avi doesnt like to be hungry…am off to drag them home so that we can get some good grub(hopefully not abhiruchi or hot chips)