A link, a thought, a blink? I dare not!

what words of pain, so fateful its insane!

bull! fate is fart, but accidents are not,

half drunk, awake, changing diapers really late,

whatever the reason, she is gone, like the season gone wrong,

all night she’ll appear; in your dreams for years.

Shall I die, shall I leave; but who said I’m alive? its just reel.

Punctuations, exclamations, starvations, generations

random words floating around, Im blank all in this sound,

what words can heal, I not know,

but have been in deep snow,

I gave up and waited low,

for dementors to kiss me slow,

then I felt a warm hand,

that dug me from my quicksand,

You will find, just like me,

life does not end with she,

It is cruel, it is hard,

but it wont stay that way pard.

for my pal…


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